Phish Stream Information

Some streamers will do audio only streams. Those of you who remember whyflyer, alphapig, wonderred, princesspresto, and hood_mobile you’ll recall those were all audio only because in our experiences we have a more stable connection with no video. If you have a good audio stream listen to that stream and watch another stream on To mute/play the video streams use the PLAY button in the lower left corner of the embed feed.

Sometimes the stream gets choppy and disconnects. Stream issues are caused by bandwidth or connectivity issues. We see that most often at the start of the show. As Phish walks on stage the streamers hit connect, and everyone at the show is also taking photos, tweeting, posting on Facebook, texting their brahs, generally taking up bandwidth. All of the usage causes networks to bog down and creates issues for the streamers connecting to ustream. Usually things setting down in the second song once people are done with their social networking and a connection can be established. For outdoor shows, once it gets dark things improve as people stop using their devices as much and are focused on the show. Second set streams are normally more stable then first sets.

Last but not least realize when the stream disconnects that is not normally the streamer disconnecting, sometimes though the streamer’s device or the ustream application can crash causing the stream to disconnect. The phones get extremely hot which can cause them to crash, not to mention any text message or battery notification will cause the stream to stop and have to be re-connected. Do not text a streamer who is live unless they go down! At this time there is nothing streamers can do but reconnect the stream as soon as they notice they are not live or their phone has shut off.

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