Hoodstream was created in June 2009 as the place to host the streams that were happening from Phish shows. In the heady days of June when we all saw what was possible with live streams a small group of people late at night in ustream chat rooms planned for the future. Multiple streams hosted on one page with chat would give us a place for all the fans and streamers to come together. Hoodstream was built by streamers for streamers and fans so there could be one place to find the show instead of searching the live streams on ustream.com and qik.com for Phish streams.

That goal was realized and though the August 2009 tour featured venues with horrible cell coverage there were nights like Red Rocks where things worked and life was good. In fall of 2009 back on the east coast streamers collaborated to bring separate audio and video streams that could be watched and listened to on Hoodstream while chatting. With the dawn of 2010 and summer tour Hoodstream again has worked with streamers to increase the quality of the equipment deploying external microphones that can be patched into iphones. Phone streams tend to overload and not be able to handle the decibels of a concert, getting external microphones and portable gear to increase sound quality was imperative. That vision was realized Hartford through Canandaigua with better quality audio streams and companion video streams that have also increased in quality with Android and newer iphones that have better cameras.

What will the future bring? We have plans. We hope you’ll be on the couch watching or out at the show!

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